3D World: Skaarj

Had the pleasure of working together with Ben Erdt, to create the rig for his SKaarj he was making for 3D World magazine and ended up with me also adding my part to that tutorial. animations in the final turntable render are done by Karim Baz.

  • Turntable

  • Download RIG (rar)

  • Action Henk

    Friends of mine started the indie game company called RageSquid, as a first project they started the creation of Action Henk on a very tight budget. together with some other friends we decided to help them out create a great first comercial game. action henk was released on the 8th of july 2014 as an early acces steam game, but is released as a full game on the 11th of May 2015, check it out:

  • Trailer

  • process
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall

    Since April of 2013 I have been working at Guerrilla Games in Amsterdam, I got hired in the middle of crunch to help out with the rigging department integrating characters into the game. Within a month I got the hang of the pipeline and started to help out with several other disciplines withtin the rigging department as well. So untill the end of the killzone: Shadowfall production I was involved in almost everything that was going on in the rigging department (varying from small to big tasks). some tech explanation can be found here which also includes some of my work. And you can check the trailer here


    • character integration
    • rig creation
    • creating procedural setup
    • creating pbd setup (inhouse cloth solver)
    • attaching tactical shaders
    • setting up customizable weapons
    • increasing workflow with small scripts
    • setting up facial rig (using inhouse tool)
    • creating first person arms and legs

    Yakuza Chess

    Together with friends this project was initially created to show at revision demoparty in 2011, it took 2 weekends to create the rigs and code to have a fully working chess game in Maya, in the mean time it was never released as it was still a work in progress ( even now the game is unfinished as it is missing textures and multiplayer function seams to be broken because of changes in maya since then), but the game is playable in singleplayer and is still worth putting online. hopefully this sparks some motivation with others in the original team to finish the game or to re-polish it. I was in charge of the gameplay expression, rigging and UI creation.

  • Video

  • Download chessGame
  • Connection Switcher

    This script is created on an idea I had during my graduation. As I created a lot of difficult connections that I had to change over and over between different objects. It allows you to manipulate objects with certain connections. so you can switch the connections arround, move them from one object to another or even copy and paste the connections. In addition I added extra buttons to quickly create constraints, as using default settings with maintain offset on/off is what I use most. The script can be donwloaded here:Download (rar)

    connections to switch:

    • expressions
    • set driven keys
    • keyframes
    • constraints
    • direct connections

    Slab Metal

    Two of my friends ( Noud van Miltenburg and Ivor Riberio da Silva) created a project together for their graduation which is called: Slab Metal. It's about 2 robots that are out in a turf war hacking screens and fighting each other to tag all screens. The rigs can be downloaded down below and also a teaser of the video can be watched as it will be shown at several festivals.

  • Video

  • Download:

  • Download Swipe
  • Download Fist

  • Rig:

    • overshoot rotation over 360 degrees on spine
    • FK driven IK spine
    • stretchy IK/FK arms
    • stretchy (no flip)IK/FK legs
    • re-pivot controls on foot
    • attribute/fk controls on finger

    Dog Blood: Next Order

    Starting september 2 of my friends asked me to join and help them with a school project called Vivid Excellence Project, this project was set up to give students a chance to work with industry proffessionals. Guided by Sil van der Woerd we were to create a video clip for Dog Blood (Skrillex & Boys Noize). The idea for the project was to use Mocap for all the animation and that is where I was needed as there where no students that knew how to Rig. In the end I was responsible for Both rigging and the cloth setup. The video clip can be watched here. The people in the list on the right are the people I worked with closely there are a lot more people involved. The project was set up in collaboration between akv st joost and NHTV


    Fluffy dragon rig

    Quick rig I have built to help out Fieke Langenberg, she contacted me to help her out with a small project to practise and improve animation. I built the same kind of rig as I did with the mediamarkt pig rig except I added some exras in the squash and stretch (to keep volume) and built a tail rig that is able to bend and twist over 360 degrees. To check the rig watch the video below:

  • Video
  • Rig:

    • IK/FK stretch
    • FK driven IK spine
    • able to keep volume
    • multiple emotions
    • fully twist- and bendable tail
    • global scale control

    MediaMarkt: Piglet Rig

    Small project I worked on for marco klein, creating a full cartoony rig of a piglet with 4 emotions and full stretching capability. The animations as seen in the video below have been on air for couple of weeks.

  • Video
  • Rig:

    • IK/FK stretch
    • FK driven IK spine
    • able to keep volume
    • 4 emotions
    • global scale control

    School: Graduation

    This project took 20 weeks, from design to fully working rig. The start for the design was the research in mechanical enginerring. This to make sure that the mayor moving components move because of a working mechanism which is also rigged. the design started in illustrator, from that a mockup model was created. the mockup model was then used as a base for quick sketches to define the mayor form and also to check where parts would penetrate each other. from that point on the mockup would be itterated until its final form and the final rig was built. the rig videos are shown belof for both the automata and the pilot, the animation video will be on this website as soon as the animator is done playing with the model.

  • Automata
  • Pilot
  • Download Automata
  • Python: Skinning Tools

    This is a small Project I picked up during the my vacation to fill in the boring hours. The idea for the tool is taken from Andrea Arghinenti, who had similar tools which I had the pleasure to work with. I added some of the basic Maya skinning tools that I myself use a lot so that I dont have to go into the shelves or menu everytime. I really learned a lot about skinClusters and how the weight gets distributed in Maya. The script and UI can be downloaded here (in the python file it explains how the tool needs to be installed): Download UI (rar)
    - version 1.1: added pyside functionality
    - version 1.2: added copy weight from closest source to target
    - version 1.3: added copy and average function to repeatlast
    - version 1.4: added slider link and progressbar
    - version 1.5: added component popupmenu

  • Video
  • Contains:

    • Average Weights
    • Copy Weights
    • Switch Weights
    • Switch Bone Weights
    • Move Bone Weights
    • Show which vertices are influenced by selected bone
    • Weight Sliders

    Lift Off

    This project is a graduation project by Sandra Welte. Both rigs have different wings, the first set of wings where created following a digital tutors video the others are my own implementation. Both birds have a facial rig that allows basic expressions. After creating the rigs I was also involved in helping out with error debugging and general advice on lighting and rendering. Only the trailer is visible in the video as this short will be presented at several festivals:

  • video
  • credits:

    Battle Band

    This project is done for a freelance job through: Sakari Games. Because everything needed to be done in Blender I had a small timeframe to learn it but in the end I crated the main rig and even took responsibility on the render pipeline. The game is now available on iphone: Battle Band The video of the game and some of the rigs can be seen in the link below:

  • video
  • credits:

    School: Specialisation

    A 15 week project for school which covers research for the graduation project, the picture shows the "Neo" model that I rebuild form a couple of YouTube videos by manitouLife. My specialization is about researching mechanical engineering and how to create a real working model with it, the small image containing the small objects in Maya are the small tests containing mechanical engineering parts. the designs in the other image are the designs for the graduation project. Creating the model and finishing the design will be part of my graduation. The link below will show my version of the neo rig

  • video
  • research:

    • mechanical engineering
    • rigging
    • illustrator design

    Python: control creation UI

    A project to pick up python and PyQt again. this UI will allow the user to save away created controls for to reload them on other projects but also to create text controls and set the color. The saved control will create a python file which is able to recreate the controls cv's on the origin of the scene, create the degree and knots, create periodic curves and combine several shapes into one. The link below will show a video of the tool in action:

  • video
  • The script and UI can be downloaded here (in the python file it explains how the tool needs to be installed): Download UI (rar)


    • creation of text controls
    • saving of already created controls
    • loading of controls
    • combining of several controls into one
    • changing of color-id on the curves

    Uber Arm Rig

    Thanks to Andrew Paquette, Robert Joosten and Nick Peters for giving me the rights to work with this model. The main goal for this personal project was to give this arm a realistic rig. The first link below shows how the rig works, the second one where the model can be purchased:

  • video

  • TurboSquid
  • Model created by:

    houdini filter wizard
    guerrilla logo

    School: Internship Guerrilla Games

    From March 2011 to August 2011, I was able to go on an internship at Guerrilla Games as a Technical artist. At that time the company was starting on their new projects, as Killzone 3 was released in February 2011. At the beginning of this internship I had to learn to work with the tools as well as rigging and skinning for characters for the new projects. But in the end I had to create a python tool which would combine Maya and Houdini in which Houdini should function as a black box tool. The final creation was the Houdini Filter Wizard. The tool is able to read certain otls (Houdini tools) and run these over the selected objects in Maya while Houdini was functioning in the background. (This tool was build using Python, PyQt and Qt designer)


    • list all available otls for use
    • able to execute in background
    • able save work files for debugging
    • list all otl parameters for tool adjustment
    • uses threads to be as fast as possible
    • uses Houdini functions to check for available licenses

    School: Rigging examn

    This project is a School exam. The Exam last for 3 hours in which we need to rig and skin the model. The link below shows how the rig works:

  • video
  • The rig contains:

    • IK/FK-blend for the legs
    • Reverse foot controls
    • Eye expressing (+ blink)
    • Ribbon spine used for the tentacles
    • IK-Leg is stretch-able
    • Individual toe-control
    Sample Big Image
    Sample Small Image
    Sample Small Image

    Audi R8

    This model is created to learn more about Nurbs modeling techniques. Also tee see how that can help with rigging. It took about 3 weeks to finish the model up to this level, the finished renders where created for rendering class about 3 weeks after that. The link below shows a video with more of the Nurbs model:

  • video
  • About the model

    • Entirely created out of Nurbs and curves

    Parachute Rig

    This Project was given to me by the game company: Guerrilla Games. It was a test to show my skill and if I was good enough to enter the company as an intern. The link below shows more of the rig and the model:

  • video
  • This model contains:

    • Type Ram-Air Parachute
    • Working Rig for Parachute
    • Full control by sliders and detail control
    • Added a character to show that the rig works in animation

    Work: Freaky Frankenstein

    Freaky Frankenstein is a video slot game I worked on together with Luke Groen and Jan Pijpers for about 8 days. This was in contract for The ICT Professionals in Eindhoven. The Link below shows the 3 characters created for this game and their rigs:

  • video
  • What I am responsible for:

    • Igor Skeleton and Model
    • Rigs for all the characters
    • Several assets

    School: Comic Character

    This character was created by my own choice for a school project. The main goal for this project was to create a sculpt from a comic character and then create a rig for it. the video below shows the result and how the rig for the chains in his chest works:

  • video
  • This model contains:

    • Sculpted model
    • Baked Normal- and AO-map
    • Full body rig
    • special rig to control the chains
    Sample Big Image
    Sample Small Image
    Sample Small Image

    School: Game Paleolithic Project

    A game project for school on which we worked for 14 days in total. My main responsibility was the creation of the main character and it's rig. The first link below will show a video on how the rig works, and the second one will show footage of the game play:

  • video

  • YouTube
  • People that also worked on the Project:

    - Robert Joosten
    - Vincent van de Pol
    - Paul Mertens
    - Trevor van Hoof
    - Remco van Oosterhout
    - Pim Kartner
    - Jerry van den Heuvel
    - Djamindin Geldtmeijer
    - Marc Wildenberg
    - Wouter van Blooijs
    - Dimitrie Hoekstra
    - Leo Kruyswijk
    - Mark Knoop



    This Robot, named The Dragster is created by Neville Marcinkowski as a retake assignment. I created the rig for this robot in my spare time. The link below will show a video on how the rig works:

  • video
  • The Model Contains

    • All parts are parented to joints
    • Pistons use aim-constraints
    • Rig can be duplicated and scaled
    Created Footrig with mel script
    full rig
    small part mel script

    Mel character script

    This script is created within 4 weeks during summer vacation of 2009 to learn Mel scripting. The script is adjusted over and over while learning how to rig. The video below shows how the script works in Maya (the beginning shows how the script places everything, the end shows how the rig works):

  • video
  • This script Contains:

    • stretchy legs and reverse foot controls
    • ribbon spine
    • (Toony) IK/FK blend arms
    • IK/FK blend fingers or set driven key fingers
    Big and Small Walker

    School: Robot_1

    This Robot, named The Walker is created by Neville Marcinkowski to teach the basics of rigging, constraints and animation cycles. Most parts of the robot are not bound to joints but constraint and parented to each other. After 7 blocks of theory and practice on small test objects this object was the final exam for which we had 1 week to complete. The link below will show a video on how the rig works:

  • video
  • This Model Contains:

    • Working Rig with aim-constraints
    • bones only used for IK-setup
    • Rig can be duplicated and scaled
    • Walk cycle
    Skeleton, deep muscles and surface muscles
    Anatomy Face
    Skeleton and Deep muscles

    School: Anatomy Project

    First year school project @ IGAD, the skeleton consists out of polygonal bones and muscles created from Nurbs. All bones are digitized by hand and cleaned afterwards. the entire model is created within 8 weeks. The link below shows a video of the scene:

  • video
  • project contains:

    • Digitizing bones to polygons:
    • - Robert Joosten: skull and arms
      - Sebastian Molet: legs
      - Perry Leijten: spine and chest
    • Cleaning Digitized Polygons
    • Nurbs Muscles

    School: Nurbs Motorcycle

    First year project, beginning with a Nurbs base model then creating polygonal model from it, all created within 8 weeks. The link below shows a video of the scene:

  • video
  • project contains:

    • Nurbs base model
    • Poly model created from Nurbs model