Work in progress and current projects

Comic Character

This character wil be a commission for a friend of mine (Maxim Lardinois). This to push him to finish his comic book and for me to spend my spare time during the vacation figuring out the new tools in maya and zbrush, maybe even other programs. The intention in the end is to have this character pose-able and possibly even 3d printed. Check out more of Max's work here.

Mech building Test

A small and quick test to see if I am able to put what I have learned during Graduation phase to the test, by recreating a mech from a concept into 3d while making all elements work. The original concept is created by Reza Ilyasa. I found his deviant art page during my graduation phase and really loved his mechanical concepts.

One Piece - Luffy Rig

As a big fan of the One Piece anime, I started to work on modelling and rigging the main character. His special traits reqquire a pretty high end rig. Started this in my free time in the beginning of 2011 during specialisation. I have not come around finishing it.